Researcher: Babies Are Racist, Parents Must Read Multi-Ethnic Stories to Stop Bias

“Expose them to different cultures. I think it will make your babies more worldly.”

Babies are racist and parents must do all they can to counter that bias by reading multi-ethnic story books and exposing them to other cultures, new research claims.

Professor of child studies Dr. Kang Lee was on a research team at the University of Toronto that claimed to find that infants show racial bias as early as six months and believes they learn it from always being around people of the same skin color. One of the studies employed music that was “sad” and “happy” that was played along with pictures of Asian and black women. Lee said the babies lingered on the pictures of people of their own race when the positive music played, but looked away faster from pics of other races when sad music played. Also, they studied how babies hold the gaze of people of their own race rather than with other races. Babies at nine months old showed even more bias, Lee said.

“The results show that race-based bias already exists around the second half of a child’s first year,” he said. “This suggests that when children see an other-raced person, they already have negative associations.”

Lee was interviewed by a highly skeptical Tucker Carlson on Fox News over the weekend. 

“Now, I’m not a social scientist or a researcher, but it seems unlikely that you could measure the racial attitudes of a three-month-old, beyond like my diaper is dirty kind of thing, or I want some milk,” Carlson said.

Carlson also expressed concern that the results of this research could usher in some highly problematic government intrusion into other people’s lives. Lee disagreed and said the power for change lies with parents:

“We are not biologically predisposed to be racially biased… [findings suggests] our early experience, if it’s very exclusive, then we tend to develop early biases…

“I think it depends on parents and educators whether or not you want your kids to develop these biases. For example, you could introduce your kids — babies — to read story books that are depicting people from all over the world. And I think that could help your child to see more individuals from different, races, ethnicities, as well as expose them to different cultures. I think it will make your babies more worldly.”

Carlson responded, “Call me cynical, but I have the feeling that this is going to justify a whole new range of intrusions into people’s family lives where all of the sudden, government regulators and do-gooders, and people with guns are going to rearrange family in the interest of promoting tolerance, or whatever the justification is.”

He was assured by Lee, “No, no, no, no, I think you get it totally wrong.”

H/T Legal Insurrection