Reporter Who Reamed Huckabee Sanders Hired by CNN

We could see that coming a mile away!

Back in June, a disheveled reporter lurking off to the side of the White House briefing room shouted disapprovingly at Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, calling her “inflammatory” and cruel to the gathered media. Though relatively unknown at the time, the man became quite the darling of the Left for so boldly facing off with the “evil” Trump administration. And now, he has a job at CNN. Go figure.

Brian Karem is the White House correspondent for Playboy magazine and The Sentinel Newspapers. On Thursday, he announced his new job for the king of fake news:

This is fast becoming CNN’s modus operandi — to hire disgruntled White House reporters. American Urban Radio Networks correspondent April Ryan was snatched up by CNN in the month that bears her name after she paraded herself around as a victim of Trump’s media attacks. For getting into a tiff with then-White House press secretary Sean Spicer, Ryan was named a political analyst for CNN.

Hmm, wonder how many more outbursts we’ll see in the West Wing as people claw their way to the top in Washington?