Reminder: Anti-Gun Proposals Would Not have Prevented Parkland Shooting

"See something; say something is our best defense."

After the Parkland, Florida school shooting, Progressives are once again calling for stricter yet unspecified gun control. Maybe that's because they know that every idea they've proposed is one that would have failed to prevent this tragedy, as Matt Vespa points out at Townhall:

Given what Democrats want to enact regarding new guns laws, we’re left (again) with the same conclusion: it wouldn’t have stopped the Florida shooter.

Vespa points out that "see something, say something" is still our best defense, and the only reason it didn't work this time is because the FBI dropped the ball:

For now, see something; say something is our best defense. It’s already saved lives. Last week, in Washington State, a grandmother reported her grandson, who allegedly plotted a school shooting in Everett.  Catherine O'Connor reported her grandson, Joshua Alexander; to the police after finding disturbing passages in his journal and thinking the threat was credible. He was promptly arrested, an AK-17 found in his guitar case. He reportedly planned to commit this shooting on April 19

Community engagement, not Constitutional infringement, is what works.