MSNBC's Scarborough: Pro-Gun 'Useful Idiots' to Blame for Shootings

“I’m going to be curious to see what Republicans cower in the corner on Capitol Hill."

On left-wing Joe Scarborough's MSNBC show Thursday, the host blasted what he called the media's "useful idiots" for not coming down harder on the NRA.

Huh? Has "Morning Joe" been living under a rock? Who in the mainstream, left-wing media isn't exploitative of every tragedy to the tune of demands for stricter gun laws? According to Scarborough, they are out there:

“Who will be the useful idiots that will promote an agenda that’s not about gun rights and not about gun safety, but instead is just about the bloody bottom line? Selling more guns that can be used to kill more people."

Who in the world in the media is promoting the selling of guns simply for "the bottom line?" Furthermore, "guns that can be used to kill people" are the same guns that people who cherish the 2nd Amendment and our right to bear arms are fighting for -- they are guns to defend themselves from those who would otherwise do them harm. Police carry guns for this same purpose. Every gun is a gun that can be used to kill people; that is why guns are useful for self-defense.

Nevertheless, according to Scarborough, anyone who doesn't share his anti-gun viewpoint is a coward:

“I’m going to be curious to see what Republicans cower in the corner on Capitol Hill today and what useful idiots in the media go out and trot out their same tired excuses for why we can’t do anything while revenue from the NRA and other gun groups flood into their websites, their TV channels, or maybe their think tanks. It’s just offensive.”

Offensive? Continuing, Scarborough asked:

"Who are going to be the useful idiots in the media, on websites and on Capitol Hill that will make excuses for the gun lobby?"

The "gun lobby," Joe, is  the 2nd Amendment lobby. Americans value their right to protect themselves from tyranny and from crime, as is evident by the 310 million legally-owned firearms in America. The fact that you don't respect that is truly offensive.