Poll: Most Voters Don't Trust Major Media Outlets

"People have been turning away from major newspapers and network news for years."

Shocker: according to a new poll, most people don’t trust ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, or The Los Angeles Times.  

In a survey conducted by Zogby, results showed that more often than not, voters found television’s “Big Three” — ABC, NBC, and CBS — “not at all trustworthy.” This determination doesn’t indicate a new trend; the networks were viewed with profound skepticism before President Trump entered office. However, the numbers indicating mistrust have risen since his inauguration.

Zogby determined that 48 percent of the population believed the major networks — as well as papers The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times — were untrustworthy. 45 percent thought they could be trusted, and the remainder of those surveyed were unsure.  

Analysis of the poll from Jonathan Zogby was as follows:

“What is obvious is the erosion in trust of the mainstream media, which did not happen when Trump announced his candidacy. People have been turning away from major newspapers and network news for years. With new technology available, people get information from many different sources these days. What's true is the partisan element the mainstream media has taken on in recent years, and that's reflected in our polling data and their bottom line.”

That people are turning away from the mainstream media due to its polarizing, partisan bias, is unsurprising to say the least.

A few other findings of the poll:

•  52 percent of men found the Big Six untrustworthy.

•  47 percent (a plurality) of women didn't trust the major media outlets.

•  Two-thirds of Democrats trusted the media.

•  69 percent of Republicans held distrust of the media.

As for Trump supporters in particular, seven of ten believed the Six to be unworthy of their trust.

Anyone paying attention to the media in recent years will find Jonathan Zogby's analysis to ring true: bias breeds mistrust, and the media have done a stellar job of making sure they will never be trusted again. The result is devastating ratings and a populace that increasingly turns to online sources such as TruthRevol. Only time will tell if the mainstream media news will ever again deserve the respect of the citizenry, but based on the coverage of the first year of President Donald Trump's term -- the election for which was a year ago Wednesday -- the prognosis for the Big Six is grim.