Playing ‘Guess Who’ in 2018: Social Justice Edition

It’s a lot harder to play the game than it used to be.

Here’s a little something to get you laughing into the weekend.

Remember the old children’s guessing game “Guess Who," in which you tried to guess the mystery identity by describing the physical characteristics of 24 different cartoon people? Well, good luck trying to play it in this hyper PC-culture without offending somebody.

The characters in the game have already gone through several incarnations to meet the diversity demands of the ever-offended, but even then, it’s impossible to please everyone.

Enter John Crist, a Christian comedian whose YouTube channel regularly mocks our overly sensitive culture. In his latest installment, Crist and his friend Aaron Chewning sit down to play "Guess Who" but wind up arguing over gender and racial identity and choosing the right pronouns. The results are hilarious. Enjoy!