Philly NAACP Organizes 'Get Out The Vote' Event, Nobody Shows Up

I think Hillary is going to have a problem come election time.

It's become increasingly apparent that Democrats -- Hillary Clinton in particular -- are suffering from low energy this election cycle. Proving this salient point is the fact that nobody turned up for Saturday's "Get Out the Vote' rally organized by the Philadelphia NAACP. 

Philadelphia itself will have a high-profile role in the selection of the Democratic nominee as host of the Democratic National Convention in July.

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Minister Rodney Muhammad, president of the local NAACP chapter, said the planned rally at Berean Presbyterian Church at Broad and Diamond Streets was to inform potential voters about Pennsylvania's April 26 primary. Monday is the deadline to register to vote.

Though fliers advertising the rally were distributed in the community, just a few people had stopped by the church Saturday by the scheduled noon start time - and promptly left when they saw not much of anything happening.

Muhammad said he wasn't disappointed, blaming the poor turnout on his failure last month, when he planned the event, to realize he had chosen the day before Easter. Another conflict, he said, was a live radio program on 900AM-WURD that was part of the Black History & Culture Showcase event at the Convention Center this weekend. He said that drew away people who would have attended the rally.

Muhammad said he looked forward to other planned "Get Out the Vote" efforts.

"We do encourage people to participate in the electoral process," he said, noting that one way he likes to do that is to raise community awareness of "the myriad of things that's going on in the community that serve as an injustice one way or another."

Muhammad can blame Easter all day long, but the truth is that primary voting tallies show Democrats are indeed suffering low voter turnout this primary season, which in turn translates to what will be the same lack of enthusiasm during the general election. This is a point many analysts and pundits have failed to take into account when discussing the general election.

Despite Sen. Bernie Sanders' impressive landslide victories in states like Washington, Hawaii and Alaska, it is still more than likely Hillary Clinton, barring indictment, will become the Democrat nominee. She is not leading a "movement" like Sanders nor will she engender support, let alone voter turnout, among his supporters come election time. And this is good news for Republicans no matter who their nominee ends up being. 

(h/t: WeaselZippers)