Perenially-Impeaching Al Green Promises Trump Vote Will Happen

“Tomorrow we will bring Articles of Impeachment to the floor of the Congress of the United States."

It was likely difficult for Democratic congressman Al Green to sleep Tuesday night — Christmas is coming early for the Texas Representative. Santa's bringing him what he’d wanted all year: the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Perhaps thoughts of a Trumpless White House danced in his head like sugar plums.

Green has been promising to impeach Trump throughout 2017, providing a different reason for the process each time, and conspicuously never following through no matter how sternly stated his promises were.  

But never before has Green vowed to do it ”tomorrow.” That sounds pretty specific and definitive:

“Tomorrow we will bring Articles of Impeachment to the floor of the Congress of the United States of America for a vote.”

According to Green, three House Democrats have planned to meet with him in order to discuss his impeachment articles, and he's ready to sock it to 'em:

“I will tell them that impeachment is not about Democrats, that it’s not about Republicans. I will tell them that it is about democracy...It is about government of the people, by the people, for the people. I will tell them it is about the republic, it is about what Franklin said -- ‘We have a republic if we can keep it.’”

Green seemed giddy over his moment in the spotlight, plugging his appearance on the House floor yesterday morning:

"You don't want to miss my impeachment update from the floor of the House of Representatives this morning between 9AM CST/10AM EST and 10AM CST/11AM EST. I will announce the day this week impeachment will be on the floor and more."


As part of a consortium of six Democrats, Green introduced articles of impeachment against Trump in November. A few of the charges are obstruction of justice, a violation of the domestic emoluments clause in the Constitution, undermining the press, and undermining the federal judiciary process.

Primarily, the articles address Trumps’ management of former FBI Director James Comey’s firing, as well as potential conflicts of interest with his various businesses. Even more primarily, Green is a goofball, and his antics today -- if he follows through with his promise -- will no doubt be amusing.