Pelosi: Religious Values Don't Jive with Refugee Ban

"Cruel and reckless ban"

Continuing her crusade against President Trump's temporary halt on refugees, House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) now states that religious values don't jive with the President's "immoral" policies. 

Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, Pelosi again chastised those present, calling them hypocrites for supporting Trump while passing themselves off as religious. She did not comment on how her unwavering support for abortion doesn't qualify as hypocrisy. 

"The values expressed by many people at the prayer breakfast as they led us in prayer were in stark contrast with the president’s unconstitutional, immoral and dangerous ban on refugees and citizens of Muslim countries coming into the United States," she said. The president claims this is about security, but national security experts are urgently speaking out."

She then went to call Trump's executive order "cruel and reckless," saying Republicans need to immediately work with Democrats to block the order. 

"The president’s cruel and reckless ban makes America less safe," she continued. "Over 900 American diplomats have risked their careers to send a message that the president’s ban makes America less safe. Again, protecting our nation, and that’s our first responsibility, to protect and defend our Constitution and the American people, requires us to be smart and strong, not reckless and rash.

"Three times, House Republicans have blocked Democrats’ emergency bill to rescind the ban, to call the Statue of Liberty Values Act. We continue to explore all of our legislative and legal options to overturn this dangerous ban."

Pelosi claims to be a "faithful Catholic," yet she opposes Catholic teaching on virtually every social issue of the day, most especially, abortion. This tactic by the left to paint religious Christians as hypocritical for not dancing to their agenda is becoming tiresome.