Pelosi Challenges ‘Ancient’ US Policy Enacted After She Was Born

Now, let's talk about term limits.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has some definitive opinions on the United State’s nuclear arsenal now that Donald Trump is in charge. Namely, it’s the long-standing policy that the US is allowed what’s called “first-use” of nuclear weapons as the protectors of the world. But with Trump’s thumb hovering over the button, Pelosi is a little nervous and would like that policy to be thrown out.

The lawmaker called the policy “ancient” in a recent press conference:

“The president of the United States has authority to exercise first-use that is ancient. It’s from 1946. It was in a different world and now, I think it is necessary for us to address it. They’re all kinds of proposals out there, one saying — declaring — the United States will not engage in first-use of a nuclear weapon. I like that one the best.”

But here’s something funny: Pelosi was born in 1940, making her six years older than said “ancient” policy. If it’s time to move past a policy that was from a different time and place, perhaps it’s time Pelosi moved on as well and let the country pass term limits to let fresh eyes, ears, and brains occupy the government buildings in Washington.

While The American Mirror posted the video above to highlight Pelosi’s struggle with the English language through several apparent “brain freezes,” we thought it quite telling that she called something younger than herself ancient. Repeal and replace never sounded better to a conservative’s ears.