Oops, She Did It Again! Pelosi Still Thinks Bush is President

That’s the sixth time — SIXTH!

She did it again on Thursday! House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi couldn’t remember who is currently president and uttered “President Bush” to reporters when talking about the Nunes memo. 

Donald Trump has been president for over a year now and apparently, no one has told her. This makes at least the sixth time Pelosi has done this since last year, as The Gateway Pundit noted.

Watch below:​


TruthRevolt has reported on some of the other times Pelosi had Bush on the brain:



This next one is great because she burns straight through “President Bush” like its 2005 and doesn’t correct herself. In the background, Maxine Waters is looking around to see if they were inside a DeLorean:


Pelosi has three more years, if not seven, to get it right. Good luck!