Oops: NYT Caught Omitting ‘Democrat’ in Story About Corrupt Senator

Now imagine if the Senator were Republican...

A 1,288-word article in The New York Times conveniently left out the party affiliation of a corrupt Senator who is facing bribery charges. With all of the scrupulous details about the upcoming trial included in the lengthy piece, the report somehow failed to mention that New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez is a Democrat. Hours later, that crucial detail was added — waaaay down in the fourth paragraph.

In his piece, NYT reporter Nick Corasaniti noted that this is “the first time in 36 years” that “a sitting United States senator is facing a federal bribery trial.” Menendez faces 12 counts of bribery and Corasaniti states that the situation is so bad, it “could alter… the makeup of the Senate.” Sounds like a big deal. So, it’s probably very important to at least mention on which side of the aisle the potential criminal sits, no?

Evan Smith, the CEO of the Texas Tribune, noted the oddity, which was quickly deflected by the reporter:





Not that anyone believed him:













Here's how it looked before and after. Note the 4th paragraph:

Here's the archived time stamp of the change:




Photo credit: simmons.kevin4208 via Foter.com / CC BY