Olympian: Trophies Are For Winning

"The pain of losing is what drives one to improve."

Participation trophies. We know they're ridiculous, but lefties are into them, and there's data to prove it. Former Olympian and LA Galaxy soccer player Cobi Jones argues in the latest video from Prager U that, not only are they bad for kids, they're bad for parents- and all of society. Jones says that "the pain of losing is what drives one to improve," and that, without that pain, we will become complacent:

The road to victory- in sports, in business, in life, is paved with losses.

Jones talks of being cut from Olympic rosters and losing in championships before going on to success, and how those disappointments only made the victories that much sweeter. 

Sorry, lefties, but engaging in healthy competition and accepting the outcome is good for kids. Good for grownups, too (we're looking at you, Hillary Clinton).