Colbert Desperately Tries to Draw Anti-Trump Curses from Chelsea Clinton

"C’mon, be human here! What have you yelled about?”

For promotion of her feminist children's book, She Persisted Around the World, Chelsea Clinton stopped by CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday night. Colbert took the opportunity to desperately encourage Clinton to curse at Donald Trump.

Putting aside Clinton's book for over half the interview, obsessed Colbert was unrelenting with his ploy to get Bill and Hillary's only child to "spill" her family's hate for the President. The radical host pointed out:

“Your family has a particularly unique relationship, emotionally, to the fact that Donald Trump is President of the United States.”

Reiterating his own loathing for the country's Commander-in-Catholic, Colbert then asked Chelsea how her family "copes" with their "anxiety" over Trump's apparently sinister occupation of the White House:

“How does your family cope with that level of anxiety that Donald Trump, I think, wants to generate every day? I have my own way, but I gave up liquor for Lent."

Dying for some dished dirt, Colbert prodded:

“How do you guys talk about this at home? Like, c’mon, spill the tea. How do you guys talk about Donald Trump? Give me a conversation recently you've had about the President."

The former First Daughter remarked, "Goodness," an opportunity upon which Colbert seized to fish for something more vulgar:

“That's the strongest language you use?! Gee willikers. It doesn't get any sharper or crisper than that at home?”

"It's just not really productive," Clinton explained.

Colbert did manage to draw out scathing condescension from Chelsea, who absurdly claimed that Trump is "degrading the norms and institutions and policies" regarding "women's right's, voting rights, and transgender rights" which her mom and dad "had been working on" since before her birth.

In what way was Bill or Hillary Clinton fighting for "transgender rights" before 1980? That issue did not exist in the political sphere until relatively recently. Moreover, Hillary was an outspoken opponent of gay marriage until 2013.

The 38-year-old children's author continued her attack on the President, insisting:

“As you noted, the president, I think, thrives on anxiety and insults. There's just always so much to talk about. Because I think, unfortunately, this administration is kind of the collision of cruelty and incompetence.”

“Does your entire family speak in paragraphs? Because that was a real beautiful paragraph,” the leftist host commented. Pounding his fist, he continued his drive to draw out something more vulgar:

"C’mon, your family has some weaknesses. Show one! C’mon, be human here! What have you yelled about?”

Late night television used to be a unifying time for the country, characterized by comedy and frivolity. These days -- thanks in part to Stephen Colbert -- it has become a rally for the Democratic Party. And with that change, the Left continue to divide America.