Obama Scolded by Leftists for Honoring Death of Evangelist Billy Graham

More of when the Left eats its own.

On Wednesday, Barack Obama joined in honoring the life and ministry of evangelist Rev. Billy Graham after it was announced he passed away at the age of 99.

The former president has long admired Graham, and honored him throughout his presidency for impacting the world with the message of Jesus Christ. The video above is one of those moments when then-President Obama spoke about the reverend during a National Prayer Breakfast.

However, fans of Obama were quick with the Twitter scoldings and let him know their disapproval of sending such a positive message to the legendary evangelist:



(It's "shuddered," but who cares about grammar when it comes to slamming Christians, right?)




These leftists obviously don’t know, or care to remember, how Rev. Graham was “a crusader of civil rights” and considered Martin Luther King Jr. a friend, as reporter Steve Crump pointed out:

Billy Graham was lifelong friends with Martin Luther King. The two pastors held a revival together in New York City.

In fact, when King was jailed during a civil rights protest in 1963, Graham paid King's bail.

And at a time when almost everything else was segregated, blacks and whites stood together when the Reverend Billy Graham preached.

It’s also noted that Graham refused to preach in South Africa for 20 years until he could be assured that an integrated crowd would be in attendance. When he finally did in 1973, he said, “Christianity is not a white man's religion and don't let anyone tell you it's white or black. Christ belongs to all people.”

While the Left preaches “tolerance,” they never put it into action like Billy Graham did. Yet, he's the bad guy.