Leftist Journalist Wants ‘Dad’ Obama Back in Office


Lauren Duca, who writes for many leftist outlets, including Teen Vogue and HuffPost, is pleading for the presidency of Barack Obama to return. But what she said on Twitter has everyone wondering if she has “daddy issues.”

After Obama jumped on to tweet a birthday message to Joe Biden, Duca readied the caps lock:

Pathetic, right?

But, of course, leftists generally look to the big government as their provider, so this shouldn’t be all that surprising.

Duca isn’t the only one pining for the Democratic savior’s return. Saturday Night Live did so, too, in a boy-band sketch that pleaded, “Come Back, Barack,” featuring Chance the Rapper:


So much anti-Trumpness, so few safe spaces.

Photo by DonkeyHotey on Foter.com / CC BY