NYT’s Michelle Goldberg: ‘Disgraceful’ for Journalists to Joke With Trump

“That performance last night was...disgraceful."

New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg appeared on CNN Sunday to discuss President Trump sharing jokes with members of the media during the yearly Gridiron Dinner. The annual roast, according to an incensed Goldberg, was "disgraceful" and "not a laughing matter."

The dinner is a similar event to the White House Correspondents Dinner, attended by the President and journalists, during which the Commander-in-Chief and his guests lampoon one another. As would be expected, for Trump's part, "fake news" was a topic of choice. Furthermore, the President made light of the press's hatred for him.

Talking to the host of Newsroom with Ana Cabrera, Goldberg charged that the media had no right to stoop so low as to jest with the Republican President:

“That performance last night was sort of disgraceful, I actually think, for a lot of establishment journalists to be joking around and joshing around with this man who is so hostile to our profession, who is so, um, you know -- who is so violently opposed to the tenets of a free press.”


Goldberg wasn't content to merely express her disdain for Trump; she also demeaned First Lady Melania:

“None of this is a laughing matter, it’s not even really a laughing matter for him to stand up there and humiliate his long-suffering wife!”

Cabrera asked a sensible question: could the camaraderie at the event indicate a positive change in the media's relationship with the President?

“But do you think it could be a step forward the fact that he is now willing to mingle with the press?”

Goldberg couldn't lend anything to Trump but hatred:

"No, I think of course it's not a step forward. It would be a step forward if he was willing to give a press conference. It would be a step forward if they were willing to show even kind of minimal levels of transparency. I think what he did by going to this dinner is he got a lot of journalists to sort of ratify what has been a really disgraceful departure from ordinary norms of openness and candor with the media."

The Left can't get over their contempt for America's president. Meanwhile, those of us on the conservative side of the aisle -- who find "disgraceful" the media's bias against him and all who support him -- will continue to delight in their misery.