Karem on CNN: Trump Believes ‘Every Immigrant in this Country’ is a ‘Killer

"The idea of even saying that is so offensive." Uhh...Trump didn't.

On CNN Tuesday, political analyst and Sentinel Newspapers editor Brian Karem had an epic clash with the truth, claiming President Trump had invoked the murderous violence of El Salvadorian gang MS-13 so as to brand "every immigrant in this country" as a "killer and thug and a thief."

Of course, Karem's dishonesty was easily signaled by his omission of the term "illegal" pertaining to immigrants; Trump wasn't speaking of, for example, Italians who had become legal citizens. He was talking about those in the country without permission, and Karem's bias was made clear by his refusal to label them as such. 

Furthermore, the President has made no such assertion at any point, including in his State of the Union address, during which he referenced MS-13. 

Nevertheless, Karem demanded to CNN Newsroom host Brooke Baldwin that Trump has polluted the conversation with “disrespect to those coming here seeking a better life.”

Using the typical left-wing tactic of attacking a straw man, Karem announced:

“Every immigrant in this country isn't a killer and thug and a thief and he’s kind of equated all immigrants, put them in that status when, actually, the crime rates in the immigrant communities are much smaller than in the general communities.”

Additionally, Karem noted:

"Not every immigrant is a killer...the idea of even saying that is so offensive on so many levels that, you know, it just — it prompts a 'wow.'”

What prompts an even bigger "wow" is how rarely the Left will address anything the President has actually said. Rather, they prefer to constantly create a straw man and then rabidly attack it. This strategy may work on their biased, ignorant audience, but Americans who actually listen to the President, who are informed and thoughtful, recognize that critics like Karem are pushing an hysterical, manipulative, false narrative.