NYT: Republican Kentucky Medicaid Reform Will Kill the Poor

"The plan to Make America Great Again will let some Americans die."

On Wednesday, left-wing New York Times economics writer Eduardo Porter made quite the incendiary claim: conservatives supporting Medicaid reform may murder Kentucky's poorer citizens.

Using President Trump's slogan in his excoriation of the policy, Porter claimed:

Apparently, the plan to Make America Great Again will let some Americans die.
Kentucky rushed last week to become the first of the nation’s 50 states to impose a work requirement on recipients of Medicaid. Under the state’s HEALTH plan, most able-bodied 19-to-64-year-olds -- excluding the pregnant, the medically frail and some others -- will have to work, get job training or perform community service for at least 20 hours a week to qualify for coverage, starting in July....the fact remains that the plan is expected to reduce Medicaid spending by $2.4 billion over five years. Roughly half of the 350,000 able-bodied Medicaid beneficiaries in Kentucky currently do not meet the work requirements, by the government’s estimates, and could lose their benefits....

Porter listed states which are considering similar changes to their Medicare policy, reasoning:

Millions of Americans stand at risk of losing their health care. Many -- the most fragile, the least great -- could die as a result.

The columnist then set up his big point, first referencing Bill Clinton's 1996 welfare reform, which had some on the left side of the aisle shaking in their boots at the time:

Kentucky was an eager participant in the last big so-called entitlement reform, visited upon the nation’s poor just over two decades ago. Under that 1996 program directed at welfare benefits, the entitlement to federal assistance was replaced by a hodgepodge of programs managed by the states and financed by a fixed dollop of federal cash. Work requirements became the norm. And people got less help.

Next, Porter offered the difference -- unlike the Democratic President's relatively harmless move in the late 90's, the Republicans were now going for the jugular. Literally:

The problem with the latest twist in Republicans’ effort to pare the social safety net is that removing the poor’s health insurance may not just make their life more difficult.
It might kill them.
Would their deaths cause America to be greater?

The Left's biggest obstacle to debating policy is their lack of approaching issues of politics with any degree of rational perspective. They call immigration laws "racist," they label abortion legislation "misogynistic," they castigate entitlement reform as "murder." Until they can take ideology and reasonably assert it in the arena of ideas -- rather than attempting to nullify the other side with outrageous insults -- they'll continue to lose the debate, simply due to their effective refusal to participate in it.