Economist Krugman: Make P*ssy Hat Symbol of Our Delivery From Evil

Nobel = No Brain?

There's nothing quite like an economist giving his expert opinion on hats that symbolize female genitalia. Such is the endeavor of Nobel Prize winners these days. Or at least one of them.

Economist Paul Krugman, in an op-ed for The New York Times Monday, states that "if" America can survive the presidency of Donald Trump, pink "p*ssy hats" should become a national symbol.

In an ode to completely unfounded alarmist hysteria, Krugman writes that the United States is near collapse due to "dictator wannabe" Trump, and that the country's only salvation will be a "highly energized resistance." Said resistance is epitomized, according to Krugman, by events like the leftist wackofest that was January's "Women's March." Asserts Krugman:

“That resistance made itself visible literally the day after Trump took office, with the huge women’s marches that took place on Jan. 21, dwarfing the thin crowds at the inauguration. If American democracy survives this terrible episode, I vote that we make pink pussy hats the symbol of our delivery from evil."

In addition to calling the fairly-elected Trump's presence in the White House "evil," Krugman absurdly accuses Republicans of trying to create an "authoritarian" state, despite the fact that the Right vies for less regulation than does the Left:

"The U.S. may yet become another Turkey or Hungary — a state that preserves the forms of democracy but has become an authoritarian regime in practice. But it won’t happen as easily or as quickly as many of us had feared."

In a melodramatic reach for optimism, Krugman says, "America is not yet lost," noting that he is "far more hopeful than [he] was a year ago."

Krugman's bad politics have infiltrated his economic sensibilities, pulling them down to a low level as well: the day after Trump's inauguration, the award-winning economist ridiculously predicted the collapse of the stock market. Perhaps to his dismay, the Dow has climbed over 5,000 points and marked 70+ record-setting closings since that fateful day of Trump's ascension to the nation's highest office. In left-wing Savior Barack Obama's first 11 months, the Dow rose only 2,465 points. Furthermore, since Trump was sworn in, the S&P has struck record-high closings over 50 times.

The Left isn't known for its adherence to facts or reason, but one would think a lauded economist could at least keep his radical politics from obstructing his view of the country's economic realities. Perhaps his eyes were covered by a p*ssy hat.