NYT Columnist Via MSNBC: Trump a Brain-Sucking, ‘Brain-Eating Disease

"He does so many outrageous things."

Amid many jaw-dropping moments for the Left this week, certainly one of the most bizarre comes courtesy of New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman.

A three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Friedman’s work dates back to the late 70’s, a half-decade before his first Columbia University-administered literary award. Since 2016, however, the leftist loon has focused his writing on a war with Donald Trump and Republicans, penning articles such as “Donald Trump, Alien to All That’s Great,” “Trump?  How Could We,” “Stand Up to Trump or He’ll Drag You Down,” and “If Only Stephen Paddock Were a Muslim.” Five days ago, Friedman made headlines for stating to MSNBC, “Trump is a Chump.”  However, his most egregious — and insane — comment on the President so far surely must be what he uttered to host Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday:

"I find from a journalism point of view Donald Trump is a brain-eating disease. He does so many outrageous things on a daily basis.”

That’s right — a man who outrageously called the President “a brain eating disease” felt his perspective was clear in calling out Trump for doing outrageous things. This is what the Left has become. This is the degree of their skewed perspective. Friedman continued:

"It’s a real danger that Trump is going to suck the brains out of so many reporters and columnists because you spend four years outraged at him and you don’t learn anything.”

Friedman decried writing about Trump -- even as he chooses to constantly write about Trump -- perplexingly because it keeps him from writing about other things and “going out.” He pointed to Trump’s consideration of Sam Clovis for chief scientist at the Department of Agriculture as an example. Clovis withdrew himself from the nomination today, reportedly due to controversy over previous comments and his level of experience:

“[Clovis] shows such contempt for science and the department. And as a journalist or columnist, you just sit there and say, ‘How can I not write about that, it’s so outrageous?’ And yet, if I write about it every week I end up not going out and learning or writing about all these other things.”

Furthermore, describing Trump, Friedman said, “He’s done so many outrageous things, you can’t even keep track of them anymore.” Considering Thomas Friedman's wacky articles and his incendiary talk show moments — one during which he referred to Trump’s presidency as “a moral 9/11,” the once-esteemed writer seemed to be accurately describing himself.