Morning Joe: Attacking Trump is 'What We Do'

“It’s like a Geico ad."

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough can't seem to stick to his story. After months of railing against President Donald Trump for his attacks on the mainstream media as a threat to democracy, Scarborough let slip that the President is right: on Tuesday's Morning Joe, the host briefly confirmed the truth of Trump's allegations against the media -- they are out to get the President. Regarding hit pieces on Trump, Scarborough exclaimed that it is just "what we do."

At times, the media have indeed admitted their bias. One such example was a New York Times article by Jim Rutenberg, which labeled Trump "potentially dangerous," adding that the paper's "reporting [would] reflect that." Scarborough and partner Mika Brzezinski have not been so forthcoming, claiming that their coverage of the President was fair.

However, during a segment on Trump's weekend reaction to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's indictment of Russians for political interference, Scarborough was beside himself over Trump's continued awe over the media's bias against him:

“Like, how could you be shocked, if you were Donald Trump, that the media is going to say negative things about you?”

Scarborough added:

“It’s like a Geico ad. It’s what we do.”

Indeed it is. Nevertheless, Scarborough claimed that it is actually Trump who is obsessed with the Russian investigation, rather than the media which won't stop pushing a political narrative built upon it:

"[Mueller] has gotten into his head with those indictments on Friday...He’s freaked out. He’s panicked... It’s unbecoming. His lawyer should tell him to stop tweeting about that, because it suggests that he feels like he has something to hide."

For once, Scarborough wasn't pretending to hide something himself: his anti-journalistic bias.