NYC Theater Producer Gets 'H' Tattoo to Commemorate Hillary Clinton

I'm sure that'll age well.

I get political fervor. Really, I do. But Manhattan theater producer Tom D'Angora is taking this to a new level -- and for a losing politician. D'Angora calls himself "Hillary Clinton's biggest fan," and says he's not ashamed of that. (A little defensive, no? Why would anyone be ashamed of their love of Hillary Clinton? Oh right. That whole 2016 abysmal campaign thing.)

According to his Wikipedia, he's "a three time Drama Desk nominated and Off-Broadway Alliance Award winning New York based theatrical producer whose Off-Broadway credits include NEWSical: The Musical, Naked Boys Singing!, The Marvelous Wonderettes, Back In Pictures, the Backstage Bistro Award Winning Divas I've Done and A Broadway Diva Christmas." So, presumably, he's a talented man with a very bright future.

But, on the one year anniversary Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nominee for President, he decided to honor her. By getting a tattoo:​

At first, I thought this was a joke, until I went back to his Twitter feed to see that -- yep! -- he did it.

I'm sure a Hillary Clinton tattoo will age just wonderfully.  It's not like the Clintons have ever done anything to embarass their supporters. However, Mr. D'Angora, if you ever do regret it, you might want to call the guy who got a face tattoo in honor of Mitt Romney for perspective: