NY Times Publishes Sympathetic Profile on Muslim ‘Feminist’ Sarsour, Ignores Her Own Bigotry

"I am everything they stand against."

By now our readers are likely familiar with Muslim "feminist" Linda Sarsour who has, rightly, been assailed by conservatives for her hypocritical, anti-woman, anti-Israel, anti-Western sentiment. 

Sarsour has touted the virtues of "women's rights" in Saudi Arabia while blasting the treatment of women in the West. She has also denigrated female genital mutilation victim, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. This, of course, has only endeared her to the Left even more, because the Left thrives on hypocrisy and intellectual inconsistency.  Saturday's New York Times profile on Sarsour proves as much. 

Newsbusters summarizes key portions of the article: 

Eli Rosenberg profiled her for Saturday's New York Times, before her controversial commencement address at the City University of New York School of Public Health, slated for June 1. The Times went all out to make her a martyr: “A Graduation Speaker Raises Ire Before Taking the Podium -- Threats and Messages of Hatred Flow As Sarsour Plans to Speak at CUNY.” The online headline: "A Muslim-American Activist’s Speech Raises Ire Even Before It’s Delivered.” The caption under a flattering photo of Sarsour: “Linda Sarsour said she became a target of far-right conservatives after the Women’s March. ‘I’m everything they stand against,’ she said.”

Newsbusters notes how, throughout the article, Rosenberg "acted blissfully ignorant" of many of Sarsour's statements that betray her as someone who harbors seriously illiberal views: 

Ms. Sarsour, one of the lead organizers of the Women’s March on Washington, has tackled issues like immigration policy, mass incarceration, stop-and-frisk and the New York Police Department’s spying operation on Muslims -- all of which have largely inured her to hate-tinged criticism.

But it is the commencement address she is to deliver next week to about 100 students at the City University of New York School of Public Health that she says has drawn the most hostility and ire she has ever experienced.

“Linda Sarsour is a Sharia-loving, terrorist-embracing, Jew-hating, ticking time bomb of progressive horror,” the conservative media personality Milo Yiannopoulos said at a rally on Thursday outside CUNY’s main office, as protesters held signs with images associated with the often racist and anti-Semitic language used by what is known as the alt-right, a far-right, white nationalist movement.

The controversy over Ms. Sarsour’s appearance is the latest dispute in a heated national dialogue over free speech on university campuses.

Her critics are a strange mix, including right-leaning Jews and Zionists, commentators like Pamela Geller, and some members of the alt-right.

They accuse her of sympathizing with terrorists, supporting Sharia law and anti-Semitism for statements she has made about politics in the Middle East. [...]

The debate about Ms. Sarsour’s speech began last month with Dov Hikind, a conservative Democratic state assemblyman who represents a largely Orthodox community in Brooklyn. Mr. Hikind said Ms. Sarsour should not have been chosen, pointing to her recent appearance in Chicago with Rasmea Odeh, who was convicted in Israel of playing a role in the bombing of a supermarket that killed two civilians in 1969.

Mr. Hikind also pointed to a picture Ms. Sarsour once posted on Twitter of a Palestinian boy standing across from police officers with rocks in his hands. Ms. Sarsour wrote that the photo was “The definition of courage.”

Hilarious that Rosenberg seems to decry the disputes "over free speech on university campuses," yet his outlet is deafeningly silent when conservative speakers are the ones barred or disinvited from campus speaking engagements. 

Rosenberg, notes the media watchdog group, allowed Sarsour to "strike a victim pose" throughout the article, even highlighting how she must hire bodyguards for protection and public events: 

Ms. Sarsour said she believed she became a target for far-right conservatives in the days after the Women’s March, which she said was evidence of a larger “Islamophobia industry.”

She has hired two private bodyguards to accompany her to public events. She says she regrets that she has not been able to shield her three children, all teenagers, from the vitriol and threats she has received online. Still, she said, she does not plan to be silent.

“I’m Muslim, I’m Palestinian, I’m a woman in a hijab,” she said. “I’m everything they stand against.”

She added, “I have a bigger mission here.”

Of course the article leaves out the many non-controversial conservatives and even liberals who have also denounced Sarsour, chosing only to highlight the Pam Gellers and Milos of the world. 

Nothing is as depraved as the Left's hypocrisy when it comes to Islam. There is zero tolerance according to Sharia Law, for the types of people and lifestyles so near and dear to the Left, yet progressives will never acknowledge this, for to do so would mean admitting their entire construct about Islam, would fall apart.