Male Columnists at LA Times, NYT Call Press Sec Sanders Fat Redneck

Doesn’t this break all the rules of feminism?

Feminist outrage was nowhere to be seen or heard after White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ looks and speech were ridiculed by two male, liberal columnists.

Both Los Angeles Times columnist David Horsey and New York Times columnist Frank Bruni casually tossed out some hurtful descriptions of Sanders into their writings this week.

Bruni was somewhat kind in only pointing out Sanders’ Arkansas accent when he wrote:

To listen to her pronounce “priorities” is akin to hearing the air seep out of a flat tire, and she leaves half of the consonants on the curb.

Sanders’ Southern accent is enough for Bruni to conclude she has no business in communications, “which turns out not to be her forte.”

But Horsey went for the jugular — where no man is supposed to go — by criticizing Sanders’ appearance. He described her as “a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids’ games:”

Rather than the fake eyelashes and formal dresses she puts on for news briefings, Sanders seems as if she’d be more comfortable in sweats and running shoes. Yet, even if Trump privately wishes he had a supermodel for a press secretary, he is lucky to have Sanders.

Ah, hit her with mockery and follow it up with a compliment. How egalitarian.

But where are the hashtags and cries of sexism and harassment? Is it because Sanders is a conservative, and perhaps even worse, part of Trump’s team? Bingo!

H/T Daily Caller