NTY Skeptical that Obama or Bush Lied Like Trump, Wants Examples

They currently have a running collection of Trump lies online.

The New York Times is asking readers to help with its “Trump’s Lies” project. Currently, opinion columnists David Leonhardt and Stuart Thompson have documented, since January 21, what they claim to be near-daily lies spoken by President Trump. Leonhardt says their list “continues to generate reader interest and feedback.” In fact, the list is so long to scroll through, it’s already been set to two versions of the Star Wars opening crawl:


Now, Leonhardt and Thompson are asking for reader-input for the next phase of the project. First, they want any of “the president’s untruths” they might have missed, with the date and documentation to prove a statement false, in order to make it a “definitive” list. 

But some of the feedback has included reminders that both Barack Obama and George W. Bush regularly lied, too, as politics goes. 

“We are skeptical of that notion,” Leonhardt objected, “but we’re also open to evidence.”

But don’t dare think about sending in the “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” doozy, they’re well aware of that one. Plus, unlike the Trump requirement above, documentation is not necessary:

So if you can recall falsehoods that Presidents Barack Obama or George W. Bush told, send us an email with them. Documentation is ideal, but not necessary. (No need to email us about Obama telling people they could keep their health insurance or Bush claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; we’re aware of those claims.)

So, get to work, dear TruthRevolt readers. Let Mr. Leonhardt know about the many lies of President Obama and Bush if you have a mind to. He offered his e-mail address for submissions: [email protected].

Here’s 252 documented examples of Obama’s lies to get you started. Flood his inbox!