Now THAT Is Clever: Bill Clinton Calls Hillary The 'Responsibility Candidate'

But not for the reason he thinks.

Bill was in Chicago today to scare up some votes for Hillary in the Illinois primary, and he of course had a lot of media following him around. At one point, a reporter asked him about the Michigan loss, with predictably hilarious results. He was also asked about why Hillary wasn't doing better in Illinois. That's when he said this amazing thing:

"There should be a race for president. There's a blame candidate and a responsibility candidate in this race. I bet the responsibility candidate is going to win."

The responsibility candidate? That is awesome. It's two levels.

On the first and more obvious level, no Clinton ever wants to take responsibility for anything. Hillary pretends to take responsibility for compromising national security even while she continues to blame others and say she did nothing wrong. Responsibility candidate? As if.

But on the other hand... responsibility candidate? Too right! She's responsible for compromising national security with her Legos-and-Scotch-tape home server for email. She's responsible for taking in a vast fortune in speaking fees at the institutions of higher learning she claims are crumbling. She's responsible for lying about her deep ties to big business and her cronyism. She's responsible for Benghazi. She's responsible for lying to the families of victims of Benghazi. Heck she's even responsible for looting the White House when they moved out. Responsibility candidate? You bet your a** she's responsible for things. Bad things.

Oh, Bill Clinton. On the campaign trail you are a true gem. What would we do without you? Besides be proud of our democratic process, we mean.