Bill Clinton Whines: Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Always Out to Get Us

“It always happens. You’re seeing history repeat itself."

Bill Clinton is hitting the campaign trail for his wife and before he does, he's ramping up the rhetoric that a vast right-wing conspiracy has tried to ruin their political aspirations since the early days of their political careers. 

In an interview on CNN this last weekend, the former president regurgitated the tired old tale of a threatening phone call he claims to have received in 1991 from someone in George H.W. Bush's administration. This adaptation of the story that some claim has nearly 10 versions depending on the Clinton telling it, has the caller advising against a presidential run or else every dime will be spent ensuring Clinton is smeared beyond recognition.

However, the accused caller, Roger Porter, says that conversation never happened, adding that he doesn't use the type of language Clinton recollects. 

But moving beyond who said what, it is a perfectly calculated political move to bring up such a tale as he immerses himself into Hillary's campaign. The timing couldn't be more perfect, too, with all of the scandal surrounding her with Benghazi and private e-mail servers and Republicans unyielding in their search for answers. Because for the Clintons, finding yourself in the arms of Monica Lewinsky, failing to provide proper security for U.S. ambassadors, or sending classified government information via a personal e-mail account, doesn't boil down to personal responsibility. No, it's all just a vast right-wing conspiracy and Bill felt compelled to whine about it to CNN's Fareed Zakaria:

It always happens. You’re seeing history repeat itself.

The Washington Post provided an additional excerpt from the interview that further solidifies the Clinton family belief in their own perpetual innocence:

All of a sudden something nobody thought was an issue, Whitewater, that never turned out to be an issue, winds up being a $70 million investigation. And all the hammering happened and you ask voters, do you really believe this amounts to anything? No. But do you trust him as much? No. There must be something.

Hillary herself was on the interview circuit over the weekend on NBC's Meet the Press. She was asked to give her thoughts on Bill blaming Republicans for stirring their pot, and here is what she had to say. Notice the deflection:

You know, I love my husband, and you know, he does get upset when I am attacked. I totally get that.

"When I am attacked," not, "When I do something wrong." Big distinction in the Clinton narrative.