Norway May Issue Third Gender Passport

“I believe all people should have the opportunity."

Find traveling hard when you identify as neither male nor female? Worry not, Norway may soon have a "third gender" passport.

Should Norway’s Labour party come to power in the next general election, they may very implement the new passport by the end of this year. 

"People who define themselves as neither male nor female would have the opportunity of being legally recorded as a third gender," Mani Hussaini, who also leads the Labour-affiliated Workers Youth League, told NRK.

“For example in a person’s passport it would say they were not male or female but instead belong in a third gender category," he continued. "I believe all people should have the opportunity to live out their identity and then have to adapt the laws to reality and not vice versa."

Hussaini also expressed that the "broad mood" in Norway means that people will welcome the new passport. 

"I feel that [people who claim to be neither male nor female are] a movement," he said. "When the country’s largest party backs [creating a third gender option], I expect we’ll see all the other parties following suit."

Some in the Labour party, like the health spokesman for Centre, part of the Labour-led coalition which governed Norway until 2013, think the move important, but that its time has not come.  

"It is an issue, but to amend the law to introduce a third gender would affect us all. It’s a proposal that Centre are nowhere near ready to consider," Kjersti Toppe told NRK.