New Liberal Drug Epidemic

Florida cities overrun with "zombified homeless people."

Florida is experiencing an alarming increase in overdoses from a synthetic drug known as "spice" that is leaving people strewn all over in a zombified state. Cities with the worst outbreaks are in Democrat-controlled cities such as Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Spice is described as synthetic marijuana that is smoked, but the problem is, the recipe continues to be altered so no one knows exactly what winds up in the drug. But whatever it is, Florida citizens are reporting that their neighborhoods look like scenes out of a horror film with users knocked out cold on the ground, convulsing, or stumbling and barely responsive. Pictures were posted to Daily Mail that show scenes in public parks and the many homeless that are using the handouts they are given to buy the drug:

Authorities say they are receiving more and more emergency calls and the medical response is straining their resources. It's only getting worse as many high on spice are turning violent and posing a threat to others and police are responding to new attacks every day.

The Clearwater Police Department has been filming encounters with spice users:



All of this comes at a time when U.S. states are bending to the marijuana crusades of the Left. Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both view drug use as a disease, not a criminal activity, and hope to "fix" the system by offering addicts medical treatment rather than jail time. Sanders' home state of Vermont has been hit hard with a quadrupling of overdose deaths over the last decade as it slowly becomes the heroin capital of America. Clinton has offered up a $10 billion plan to combat addiction.

With resources already stretched thin, the Left proposes even more.