New Children's Book Features Gay Santa Claus

Just in time for Christmas!

We all know how it works at the North Pole. Santa and the elves work hard to make toys for the children of the world, and Mrs. Claus keeps everyone full of cookies and hot cocoa. They occupy traditional gender roles, and it works for everyone. Apparently, author Daniel Kibblesmith wasn't cool with this setup, so he reimagined the family dynamic. 

His book, Santa's Husband, introduces us to just that, Santa's husband David. The book covers such social justice issues as gay marriage (obviously), race (David is black, which begs the question - why not Santa?), healthcare (the elves have coverage), labor disputes (did we ever have reason to believe they weren't happy before?), and climate change. As far as we can tell, nothing about the book addresses Christmas.

Kids are going to be exposed to plenty of propaganda in pre-K-12 education. We'd prefer to keep Santa about Christmas.

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