Repeal the First Amendment with this 28th Amendment

"The 28th Amendment is an upgrade to the 1st Amendment…It goes above and beyond the 1st Amendment in many ways with specific language leaving little to no room for incorrect interpretations."

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution needs an upgrade. So says The Political Research Database. They have a "very rough draft" of a proposed 28th Amendment that they claim will go "above and beyond the 1st Amendment…with specific language leaving little to no room for incorrect interpretations." They say it would protect religious and non-religious alike.

The first section is titled "Repeal and Reenactment." The 28th Amendment would repeal the First Amendment. There would be no abridgment of the freedom of speech or of the press and people could still peaceably assemble with five "exceptions," including no firearms or weapons -- except for pocket knives -- and people cannot target weddings or funerals.

The real change, however, is found in the "Religion" section. This amendment would specifically state that the U.S. is "not a Christian nation…instead, it is a nation of Freedom, Equality, Justice and Equal Rights for ALL people." It basically restates the First Amendment as to the government not establishing a religion or restricting the practice thereof, but adds a few big changes: 

Section 5. Atheism, Humanism, Free Thinking, Skepticism, and Agnosticism are not religions.

Section 6. Blasphemy is a constitutional right and absolute freedom of speech which cannot be prevented, restricted, limited, impeded, regulated, compromised or have conditions placed upon it by The Government.

Section 7. The National Motto, all currency, and the Pledge of Allegiance of the United States of America, cannot contain any religious, theistic or deitistic language or terminology and must be removed within one year after the date of ratification of this Amendment.

Section 8. Religious, theistic and deitistic: language, terminology, displays, and symbols, will be removed from ALL public properties, including schools and legal settings; excluding cemeteries and graveyards. 

Christmas will have to be renamed "Winter Holidays" and no Nativity Scenes or angels can be used as decorations; only Santa Claus and "Holiday Trees."  

To remove any church influence on government, the amendment would also disqualify any current, active clergy, priests, pastors, imams, nuns, etc. from running for public office. A former minister can run for office but only after a 10 year waiting period. 

Churches and other religious organizations would lose their non-profit status and be completely taxed under normal law. No religious organization can lobby the government and State Constitutions must remove any "pro-religious" language. No scriptures, prayers or "pro-religious" language on the House or Senate floors or at any governmental proceeding. Any official doing so will face immediate impeachment.

Elected officials will be required to have at least a bachelor's degree, pass a psychiatric evaluation and pass an annual drug test. Any political oaths, or affirmations in court, will be performed using the Constitution only and using any "religious books, scriptures, and ALL direct or indirect religious, theistic and deitistic language or terminology, will invalidate any required oath or affirmation."

As for "Reproductive Rights," a "person" only means one living outside of the womb. Governments, doctors, employers, etc. will not limit access nor withhold any funds for abortion or other reproductive choices. 

Section 13. Life does not begin at conception and the Government cannot pass any law supporting the belief that it does…Regardless of the point wherein people personally judge or believe that a human life begins…a pre-human being is considered a part of the woman’s sovereign being and cannot be judged of greater value than the woman who carries it. Stem Cells, zygotes, morulas, blastocysts, embryos, and fetuses are not people.

Marriage will now be defined as:

A civil right to make a legal contract and legal union between two people of any gender to live as a couple, committed to one another, forming a familial and economic bond, pledging themselves to each other in a formal-monogamous union.

There will be no discrimination for LGBT people and every employer must pay equal wage for equal work regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Federal minimum wage will be $13 per hour and increase every year to match inflation and cost of living. 

To be sure that there is "little to no room for incorrect interpretations," the following addendum is the basis for this proposed 28th Amendment:

Even though this “America was founded as a christian nation” delusion has been debunked, it wouldn’t matter if it were true. It wouldn’t matter if 100% of the “founders” were priests. It wouldn’t matter if god and jesus [sic] infested every sentence of our constitution. Society has evolved. The 28th Amendment will clean up the oppression of religion from our government.

Welcome to the new America.