Netflix’s ‘Magic School Bus’ Reboot Scaring Kids with Climate Alarmism

Just watch Looney Tunes and be done with the propaganda.

Remember when cartoons entertained children with explosions and coyotes falling off cliffs? Well, not anymore. Everything has to be educational, or really, laced with leftist propaganda.

Enter Netflix’s latest reboot of the ‘90s animated series The Magic School Bus. The revival, The Magic School Bus Rides Again, features the voice of SNL’s Kate McKinnon as teacher Miss Fiona Frizzle who takes the curious kids from her classroom on a magical school bus to learn the laws of science, et. al. But this time around, the kids are discovering how bad they’ve been to the environment and warned to change their ways. Climate change alarmism is a main story line in two episodes in the 13-episode series.

Episode 10 is called “The Tales Glaciers Tell.” In it, Miss Frizzle whisks her class off to a glacier where they learn that man’s inventions have so polluted the climate that the Earth is spiraling into a slow, but ever quickening death unless they start doing something about it and fast. The students are advised to ride their bikes instead of riding in cars and to use less electricity… or else. Who knew saving the planet was as easy as turning off a 60-watt lightbulb? (One approved by the government, that is.)

In episode 12, "Monster Power," the students are frightened to discover they might be eaten by a pollution-craving monster unless they foil his dinner plans by using clean energy. Unfortunately, the kids aren’t told that monsters are no more real than man-caused global warming. So much for educational television.

Newsbusters has clips from both episodes. Watch below: