Netflix’s Graphic Young Teen Sex Animated Show Sure to be a Hit with Pedophiles

The sick and twisted Hollywood Left had no problems signing on to this one.

There’s a new animated show coming to Netflix later this month that parents are going to want their kids staying far, far away from. It’s called Big Mouth and it’s all about sex and masturbation with all the main characters being children under the age of 15 — a pedophile’s dream.

Lest anyone be confused, Big Mouth is not an attempt at proper sex education. It's all about graphic scenes of semen, sex toys, and an up close and personal discussion with a young girl’s animated vagina -- which talks back! There’s also a foul-mouthed “hormone monster” dispensing sexual suggestions to some and granting “nocturnal emissions” to others. In one scene from the trailer, a boy tells his dad he is horrified that he saw his friend’s penis. His dad tells him it’s not big deal and adds that touching a man’s penis or kissing it “very lightly” won’t make him a homosexual. 

Here’s the show’s classy tagline for it’s child characters: “They’re coming of age all over the place.” 

It stars the voices of Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, Jenny Slate, Jordan Peele, Fred Armisen, and Maya Rudolph. The executive producer of the show, Jennifer Flackett, said she hopes Big Mouth “build[s] an identity” for the under 15 crowd. It appears that girls are the target audience.

“There’s a lot of stuff, especially for girls, that goes really underground,” Flackett told Variety. “It was a chance to say, ‘You don’t need to be ashamed of everything.’”

Here are some typical reactions:

“stop sexualizing kids ”

“So child porn is OK if it's animated? Is that what's going on here? ”

“This is...really gross. ”

“Is this shit not illegal in Canada? ”

“Ahh, just what society needed! ”

Watch the official trailer above, but be warned, you can’t erase what you see or hear.