NBC's Williams Attacks GOP While Eulogizing Republican Howard Baker

'Republican so moderate it might make him a Democrat today.'

Brian Williams used the occasion of Sen. Howard Baker's death to slam conservatives and Republicans and mischaracterize today's Democratic Party by telling his audience Baker was a “Republican so moderate it might make him a Democrat today.”

Referring to Baker as "political royalty," Williams waxed poetic about Baker's storied career as a World War II vet, the Minority and Majority Leader in the Senate and Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff during the Iran/Contra affair.  

You could sense the misty-eyed emotion as Williams talked about Baker's ability to "compromise" which of course translates to "capitulate to Democrats." 

It was when Williams suggested that Baker could be a "Democrat today"because he was a moderate Republican that he actually broached into complete misinformation by mischaracterize today's ultra-left Democrats. 

Does Williams really think Baker could be a Nancy Pelosi/Barack Obama Democrat?  

According to James Lee Annis in his biography, Howard Baker: Conciliator in an Age of Crisis, Baker may have leaned pro-choice, but he opposed Roe v. Wade on a states' rights perspective.  Pelosi wouldn't approve of that. Baker also supported large military expenditures an aggressive American military on the international scene. Obama would be at odds with him on these issues on a daily basis. 

Baker was also a deficit hawk who was a valuable asset to Ronald Reagan when making the case for federal budget cuts. Does Williams really think today's Democratic Party would embrace Baker's positions on federal spending. 

Of course, Williams' jab was not meant to be a comment on today's Democrats, it was a slam at today's Republicans whom Williams (or his producers who put words on a tele-prompter for Williams to dutifully recite) believe are so ultra-conservative that Howard Baker would not fit in. 

H/T: Free Beacon