NBC's 'Great News' Blames Trump for PC Tyranny

"Anything could be considered insensitive these days."

On Thursday's episode of Great News, the staff learns lessons in political correctness while blaming President Trump for the insensitive plight of the world.

In the installment titled "PC Culture," the NBC sitcom finds Carol and Chuck, two older members of the news staff who are forced to take sensitivity training. Being from an older generation, they can't seem to stay abreast of all the rules of culturally fascistic leftism. 

After attending the class, Carol and Chuck decide to illustrate to their coworkers how impossible it is to maintain the standards taught to them. They hold the office to the rules they were given, and no one is able to follow them.

Greg: What did you two do? 

Carol: We didn't do anything. Your insensitive staff offended us. 

Beth: Hey, guys.

Carol: I'm not a guy. Gender discrimination. 

Chuck: (Sneezes)

Gene: God bless you. 

Chuck: God? Offended! 

Carol: Oh, so I guess you couldn't be a delivery woman. Triggered. 

Wayne: Aw, thanks, dude. 

Chuck: Dude? I don't identify as a cowboy! I need a safe space! 

Portia: Gun violence continues-- 

Chuck: Guns have triggers. 

Carol: Triggered! 

Greg: And we're out. Thanks, guys. That was on television. So you reported the entire staff. 

Carol: We just wanted to prove that this PC stuff has gone too far. Anything could be considered insensitive these days. 
Greg: That might have been a cool take a few years ago, but this is 2017. The President just asked Congress to fund something called Bitch Jail. There are literal Nazis in the street. We had one on the show last night. 

Chuck and Carol make a good point, and unfortunately, the examples in the show aren't so much farcical as an accurate representation of the insane, impossibly sensitive, anti-free speech state of the Left-dominated culture. 

However, the show's inevitable implication of President Trump as the reason the world needs cultural Marxism is absurd, as is its reference to Nazis: even the ultra-left Southern Poverty Law Center claims that KKK members comprise only a whopping .003% of the population. Furthermore, the show is essentially saying that PC restrictions actually were bizarre before Trump; they are, of course, correct. And they are even more bizarre now -- thanks, not to President Trump, but to the leftist insanity that bolstered his election and made its occurrence so glorious.