NBC's Arouzi: ‘All is Not Well,' Because Iran Isn't Burning Enough American Flags

"This has been the winter of their discontent."

On Sunday's NBC Nightly News, reporter Ali Arouzi made what he apparently viewed as a grim announcement: on the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, "all is not well in the Islamic Republic." According to Arouzi, the unfortunate reality was thus:

“The anniversary, usually marked with widespread displays of anti-Americanism, muted, with only a few U.S. flags burnt in protest.”

Arouzi seemed to mourn the radical decrease in flaming American flags as a disturbing sign of the state of Iran's tyrannical regime:

“Although large crowds have come out to celebrate the anniversary of the revolution, for many Iranians, this has been the winter of their discontent."

"Now, more than ever, Iran's future is tied to America," the left-wing correspondent cautioned, lamenting the "earthquakes, pollution, protests, and soaring prices leaving many questions unanswered."

Arouzi worried over the potential impact of President Trump's alteration of the nuclear deal made by the administration of Barack Obama:

"President Hassan Rouhani telling me Iran will not negotiate the nuclear deal or missile program. But President Trump has said unless significant changes are made, he won’t waive nuclear sanctions....Changes Iran seems unwilling to make, leaving the future predictably unpredictable."

A softball approach to anti-American sentiment is nothing new for the biased mainstream media: in 2015, shortly after the Iran deal was put into effect, CBS This Morning's Elizabeth Palmer hilariously reported:

“At Friday prayers, there was the usual chant of death to America, but more habit than conviction.”

Oh -- only "death to America" out of habit. Well, that's nice. The spin was no doubt in order to hail Obama's effort as a success. Now that a Republican is in office, of course, less hate for America is evidently sad. We suppose NBC's Arouzi hopes for less habit and more murderous conviction, manifested by an escalated incineration of the Stars and Stripes.