NBC News Names Kim Jong Un Big Winner of WWIII Against Trump

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To see just how far the mainstream media has turned its back on the United States look no further than NBC News, which has named North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un master of the universe.

Writer Alexander Smith called the “geopolitical slugfest” between the two “heavyweight personalities,” Un and President Trump, a defining moment for the year. And if this nuclear threat was a boxing match, “There’s only one winner,” Smith stated.

He then quotes Middlebury Institute of International studies Jeffrey Lewis who said, “No question, Kim Jong Un won 2017.”

Smith goes on to compare the volleys between the two leaders before declaring the USA the big loser against a tyrant:

In January, Trump used his Twitter pulpit to vow he would never let North Korea develop a nuclear weapon capable of hitting the United States.

However, since then Kim has demonstrated large leaps down the road to achieving this goal.

The past 12 months saw North Korea test its most powerful nuclear weapon to date, a massive detonation it claimed was a hydrogen bomb, as well as launching its first three intercontinental ballistic missiles, the last of which it said could reach anywhere in the United States.

Everyone, stand and applaud the accomplishments of dear leader, Smith says essentially: “For all his bluster, Trump has seemed powerless to stop North Korea's technological march.”

Has he forgotten a little thing called the U.S. military? Seems so.

Smith goes on to say, “Trump’s response has been muddled and demonstrably ineffective,” and added, “He has jettisoned Obama's measured tones in favor of matching the apocalyptic language that has long been a tactic of the rambunctious North.”

The piece was littered with NBC News’ art department animations as if it were a matchup of Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago proportions. And clearly they were just fine with Rocky suffering permanent brain damage as a result of the bout.

This sentiment wasn't isolated to NBC News. Check out whom The Washington Post sided with: