NBC News Defines Trump’s First Week: Chaos

It’s tough to see Obama’s legacy dismantled one day at a time.

NBC News is having a tough time accepting Donald Trump as president. 

Already, Chuck Todd regrets not taking Trump seriously or literally, and now he ends the first week under a new administration, summarizing it up in just one simple term: chaos.

“It's been a week since Donald Trump took the oath of office to become the nation's 45th president, though it certainly feels more like a month,” Todd wrote in his First Read briefing. “And if the past seven days have had a defining characteristic, it's been this -- chaos.”

He then recaps the week, starting with the inauguration, the “misstates” of the crowd size, the scolding of the press, Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts,” Trump’s voter fraud allegations, his plans to help Chicago’s violence, the border wall, and the canceled meeting between Trump and the president of Mexico. And a few other mentions of how “poorly” Trump is treating the media.

All this conservatism makes Todd a little tired:

Phew -- all of that in seven days. And besides all of the chaos, there's another way to look the past week: Team Trump is operating on two different tracks -- picking fights (on crowd size, with the media, and with Mexico), and laying the groundwork for Trump and conservative policies (border wall, withdrawing from TPP, and abortion).

Then the briefing compares Trump’s first week with other presidents. What was Obama doing his first week in office? Get this, appearing on Arabic television comforting Muslims by telling them, “the Americans are not your enemy.”

What about Bill Clinton? He postponed an announcement about gays in the military. Jimmy Carter spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. George W. Bush pushed his education plan, his father, George H.W., addressed the savings and loan crisis. And Ronald Reagan, God bless him, held a welcome home celebration at the White House for released hostages.

There are some big differences in these lists. For one, Trump looks to be getting down to business and not apologizing for putting America first for a change, and that's driving liberals nuts.