Gay Activist Silenced for Criticizing Islamic Regimes as 'Enemies of LGBT Rights'

Gay Lives Matter, right? Or only if they're black?

Campus intolerance rages unabated at DePaul University, whose students have formed a coalition against a gay rights advocate who doesn't share 100% of the political views of "queer liberation" activists. The FreeBeacon reports:

Self-described "queer-liberation" activists on the campus of DePaul University are preparing to ambush an event later Wednesday evening featuring a prominent conservative gay rights activist due to his views on radical Islam and the threat they allege those views pose to minority groups.

James Kirchick, a conservative author, reporter, and gay human rights activist, is scheduled to appear at DePaul Wednesday evening for an event titled, "Dictatorships and Radical Islam: The Enemies of LGBT Rights." Kirchick is expected to address the ways in which oppressive regimes endanger gay rights.

The event has generated controversy on campus, with DePaul officials censoring a poster promoting the talk due to its statement: "Gay Lives Matter."

If Kirchick had been silenced because of his homosexuality, then the campus liberals would've come out en masse to protest. However, he's really being protested because of his right-leaning political views. By the way, Kirchick, unlike someone like Milo Yiannopoulos, is a vocal critic of President Donald Trump. This "makes it harder," a social media post attempting to rally the queer-liberation" activists explained:

This is an important lesson to everyone.  Even if you are a Trump critic, even if you oppose Milo Yiannopoulos's views, even if you support gay rights, even if you wear rainbow colored suspenders on Russian television before your feed is cut (as Kirchick bravely did), you will not be accepted on college campus.  You must toe the line on every issue -- even to the point of not criticizing radical Islamic dictators -- or risk social obliteration.

When the Free Beacon asked for comment, Kirchick didn't seem bothered by the leftist hysteria. He simply responded, "I don't need lectures from these children on standing up for gay rights."

Image Credit: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung on Flickr