Chuck Todd Eaten Alive on Twitter After Posting Stupid Virtue Signaling Tweet

Hey, buddy, why don’t you just stick to reporting facts?

Here’s another installment of "When the Left Eats its Own."

NBC’s Chuck Todd can’t catch a break. He logged onto Twitter Friday just to try and make a nice point and whammo, foiled again. See, Chuckie boy is too stuck on emotions and not facts. Here’s his idea on how to be a better newsman he wanted to share with the world:

Todd learned the hard way that the Internet is a very cruel place. Even Soledad O’Brien couldn’t resist a solid jab:

Others poured in, ruthlessly mocking Todd’s virtue signaling:









Ouch! Good thing Chuck has the weekend to recover from that beatdown. Let’s hope he’s not too tired to host Meet the Press on Sunday after walking in all those others’ shoes.

H/T Mediaite