NBC Fears Ant-Gun Students May Encounter ‘Gun Advocates’ at Florida Rally

"The state representative who invited them says this is an open rally and she fears there will be gun advocates."

For the past week, mainstream media outlets have relentlessly cheered anti-gun students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in the wake of its horrific 17-fatality shooting. Today, as those teens journeyed to the state capital to petition lawmakers over gun control, the Today Show's Kerry Sanders worried the adolescents may find themselves in yet another crisis: they may encounter people who have different points of view.

At the start of his report on the NBC program, Sanders fretted:

“But the hundred students who traveled here from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School will not attend the rally. The state representative who invited them here says that this is an open rally and she fears there will be gun advocates who come here."

The assertion seemed to be, possibly, that gun advocates are dangerous people. At the very least, however, a potential threat awaiting the naive students was the terrible menace of opposing ideas:

“It’s only been seven days since the rampage on their campus and she fears that having those two sides possibly confronting would come at a time when those student survivors are still emotionally vulnerable.”

Funny -- the mainstream media has certainly had zero qualms with manipulating the no-doubt still-in-shock students in order to forward a left-wing, anti-2nd-Amendment ideology.

Sanders lamented the students' "crushing blow" of the Florida legislature's declination to "take up a bill banning assault weapons," before restating:

“Some are urging them not to attend today’s rally, where grieving students might be confronted by pro-gun rights advocates.”

The reporter's reminder was followed by a clip of Democratic State Senator Lauren Book, chiding, "We all have to be mindful that these kids are very fresh from a terribly traumatic event."

Precisely why we shouldn't rush to shape gun control policies based on their protests.

On Megyn Kelly Today, Sanders continued his narrative:

"[There are] “fears that there will be those who are gun proponents who are here and that there could be some sort of, perhaps, very difficult confrontation between those points of view and what the students have to say....where grieving students might be confronted by pro-gun rights advocates.”

Unbelievable. How can any group petition their government with an idea, if they are unable to hear -- let alone address -- ideas to the contrary? Did these students learn nothing about the political process in their classes at MSDHS?

Opposition to gun control shouldn't be something only the anti-gun teens of Parkland, Florida hear at the state capital; it should be something reported by the mainstream media, from Marjory Stoneman Douglas's students who relish the 2nd Amendment. They no doubt exist; but the media doesn't want that viewpoint heard -- by anyone, including those students being exploited to push the networks' left-wing agenda.