Nancy Pelosi Hopes “Bump Stock” Ban Will Be Slippery Slope

“It’s going to be a slippery slope. I certainly hope so.”

Notorious leftist Nancy Pelosi made a statement Thursday that surely caught some off guard, if for no other reason than its brazen honesty. When asked about Republicans’ potential hesitation to join the Democrats in a ban on “bump stock” accessories like the ones possibly used in Sunday’s Las Vegas massacre, the House Minority Leader had very little regard for any “give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile” concerns on the part of her political adversaries. “How do you plan to overcome [GOP resistance] when the truth is that you would like to go further?” the reporter queried. In an act of either surprisingly respectable transparency or political grandstanding, Pelosi said:

“So what? They’re going to say, ‘You give them bump stocks, it’s going to be a slippery slope.’ I certainly hope so." 

That's a powerful statment. And scary. 

She continued:

"But I don’t think bump stocks should be a substitute for the background check. By the way, the background check is a compromise. There are many more things members want to do, and we’re saying, ‘How do we save the most lives?’ We save the most lives with a background check.”

The ban on bump stocks is gaining support from both Republicans and Democrats, as well as from an especially surprising group: the NRA. The firearms accessory essentially transforms a semi-automatic rifle into an automatic weapon by using the recoil of the gun to enact a back-and-forth movement which rapidly pulls the trigger. 

The Democrats will doubtlessly use increased openness to a bump stock ban as an opportunity to try and throw a noose over the head of the Second Amendment. With an affirmative nod toward that ambition by the party’s leader in the House, it’s clear that care will have to be taken by Republicans, the majority of whom are, incidentally, against universal background checks.

It’s wise to fear Nancy Pelosi; if she’s given an inch, the mile she would like to take is one of extremely radical leftism.

Photo credit: jstreetdotorg via / CC BY-NC-SA