CNN's Rye and Lemon: 'Terrible' NRA 'is In God's Way' and 'Holding Us Hostage'

"We don't need you on here telling us how amazing the NRA is. They're not. They are terrible."

On CNN Tonight Monday, contributor Alice Stewart stood up for the NRA in light of the Oscars' attacks on the 2nd Amendment rights organization. In response, left-wing commentator Angela Rye lost her wits, explosively shutting Stewart down. After Rye's tirade, leftist host Don Lemon was happy to toss in a few jabs.

Stewart began, pointing out the clear double standard of Tinseltown, whose members are routinely kept safe -- and were protected at the show -- by armed security:

"The hypocrisy of Hollywood, sitting in there with armed guards all around them, to be trashing the NRA...I applaud the NRA's response that they put to that, saying, 'Let's stand up for our veterans; let's stand up for our heroes; let's stand up for those who fought for our freedom; let's stand up for those who gave their lives and blood for Hollywood's opportunity to give their free speech.' I just think the hypocrisy of these celebrations [is] so obvious."

Toward the end of Stewart's remark, Rye's face began to grimace, preceding what she herself later accurately called "a fit":

"So, Alice...are you on a retainer? Last did the same NRA service announcement...This isn't about the NRA standing up to protect people in Hollywood...The NRA is out of touch...Let's lay partisanship aside...and say, 'Kids have died.' The NRA is out of touch. They are in God's way."

In God's way? What's in the way of more kids dying, in much greater numbers? The main deterrent to crime is one's ability to defend oneself. That capacity is provided by the Constitution, and it is protected by the NRA. Angela Rye made clear she has no appreciation for her 2nd Amendment rights:

"We don't need you on here telling us how amazing the NRA is. They're not. They are terrible...They are terrible...And it's high time that somebody who wasn't just standing up for the 2nd Amendment...It's high time that there is an organization that competes with them to say, 'We are not going to allow you to buy public service.'"

It's high time that someone competes against our liberties? Lemon chimed in with "mmhmm," similar to his affirmation of "yeah," which followed Rye ranting:

"You owe everything to this country. You owe public servants, you have to protect your constituents (Yeah). I can't deal with...I can't do the NRA PSA tonight. I'm not in the mood. I can't."

Stewart drove home her point once more:

"Look, the hypocrisy of Hollywood to be criticizing the NRA when they have armed guards around is certainly laughable."

Rye erupted further, apparently certain Stewart's point was nullified because one Academy Awards attendee is from Chicago:

"Alice, do you know where these people are from? Rashid is from Chicago! Like, stop! Just stop! Like, Alice, I like you as a person but this is crazy! Just stop!"

Left-wing Lemon piled on, attempting to characterize the National Rifle Association as a sinister fringe group:

"But also, Alice, when you talk about armed guards, the people who are there protecting, a lot of them are police officers. Many of them are retired police officers...Those are the people who, most Americans around the country, are saying should be able to carry guns. Most Americans want very stringent background checks. They want some kind of gun control. The NRA members are a very small minority of what America actually wants. They're holding the rest of us hostage."

The NRA is holding us hostage? It's been said that the most effect prison is the one in which you can convince someone to put themselves. Outside of the elites who can afford hired security, the Left has devolved into raging against their own rights, pushing to make themselves less safe. It is now largely up to the Right to keep Americans from harm, including those who are too foolish to fight for their own self-preservation.