Nancy Pelosi Compares Tax Bill to ‘Frankenstein,’ Turns Out She’s Read Neither

You have to pass a bill so you know what’s in it, and you have to have read “Frankenstein” if you’re going to use it as a comparison.

Democrats don’t like the Republican tax bill just signed into law by President Trump just in time for Christmas. Though they should -- it’s got everything they say they want: more money to the middle class and corporations redistributing new tax savings to employees. To House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, this bill is Frankenstein’s monster — or Frankenstein, or something. She hasn’t read the book.

We already knew that Pelosi doesn’t read the bills she likes, so, we’re confident she didn’t bother to read the GOP’s bill. Why would she actually do her job when there’s so much to complain about? But after her press appearance on Thursday, we now know she doesn’t read the classic literature she’s comparing the tax bill to.

“It's a monster – a Frankenstein – and anybody who's familiar with 'Frankenstein' knows that it was a creation, a monster that was created," Pelosi said.

Yes, it was a creation but by Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The big, moaning green guy was Frankenstein’s “monster.” But okay, that’s a small detail. We all kind of call the monster “Frankenstein.” Let’s see how well she does thereafter.

“Do you know the ending of Mary Shelley's story? The monster comes back to destroy,” Pelosi added.

Okay, can this woman read at all? The monster doesn't come back to destroy but is actually overcome with suffering and pain over the death of his creator and retreats to die in ice at the North Pole. Oops.

If you’re looking for any last-minute Christmas gifts to send your favorite clueless Democratic leader, Pelosi could use a copy of Shelley’s book on her Kindle. Is there an e-book version of the tax bill yet? Doesn’t matter. It’s the law!

H/T Washington Free Beacon