Andrea Mitchell Proselytizes Rather Than Reports: 'If Guns Did Not Exist...'

"You can talk about mental health and other restrictions...but guns are the differentiator here."

The February 14th mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school opened doors for a gun control push through which the media was desperately waiting to rush. Currently, that stampede shows no signs of stopping.

On Tuesday, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports consecutively hosted two very different Florida politicians -- one from each party -- to discuss the issue of gun rights in America. Mitchell's approach differed from one guest to the other, clearly revealing MSNBC's ideological bias and political agenda.

While hosting Republican State Representative Jay Fant, Mitchell was antagonistic, interrogating Fant over his party's recent refusal to consider an assault weapons ban. It should be noted that the ban was labeled a political stunt by Fant's fellow Florida Republican Chris Latvala, explaining that it was brought to the table by the Senate Democratic minority leader without allowing Republicans proper time to study the bill.

No matter, Mitchell had one interest to pursue during the interview: the banning of guns. The anchor even chided Fant over the 2nd Amendment, questioning the right to bear arms. After citing former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's decision on the District of Columbia v. Heller case -- which stated, among other things, that gun ownership would be regulated but, at the same time, it could not be infringed upon by handgun bans such as Washington D.C.'s attempted moratorium -- Mitchell went on to suggest that guns should not exist at all:

"If the guns did not exist, you would not have had the terror, the massacre that you had. You can talk about mental health and other restrictions, and everything is part of this mosaic, but guns are the differentiator here."

Guns are "the" differentiator in the Parkland mass murder? Mitchell was suggesting firearms were the only component which, if removed, demanded a different result? What about the authorities' incompetence and laziness, not having properly addressed multiple cues regarding culprit Nikolas Cruz's murderous intent and mental instability? What about the shooter himself, without whose evil deed there would have been no crime committed? To say there was only one element to the Parkland story -- on the shoulders of which all else rested -- and that that singular catalyst was guns, was outrageously nonsensical. Nevertheless, Mitchell stuck to her narrative.

Fant argued that a ban on guns such as the AR-15 violated the Constitution, and that mass shootings such as Columbine occurred during a nationwide assault weapons ban. It is also worth considering that the Columbine massacre did not involve an AR-15 -- those killers used a 9-mm handgun, a Hi-Point 995 rifle, and sawed-off shotguns.

During Fant's segment, Mitchell never mentioned his run for state Attorney General in the upcoming 2018 election; however, she was sure to mention Democrat and former Miami Mayor Philip Levine's pursuit of the Governorship while he was on air. During the interview, Levine derided Fant, calling him a puppet:

"It’s a shame. You know, you see the puppet strings behind him. They’re being actually coordinated by the NRA. You should have had a disclaimer running across the bottom. That’s just double talk, he doesn’t want to do the right thing. We understand what’s going on."

To this incredible insult, Mitchell offered no opposition. In contrast to her time with Fant, she allowed Levine to present his view with no resistance and virtually no interruption.

The left-wing media have a job to do, and they are failing. Rather than presenting the facts -- or even fairly presenting two opposing sides' view of the facts as they see them -- the biased mainstream news organizations are supplanting news with partisan promotion. Instead of allowing viewers to make up their own minds, MSNBC believes they should decide for them. And they are wrong.