MSNBC’s O’Donnell Slams Chief of Staff Kelly as ‘Worst’ Ever, ‘Full of Hatred

Here we go again.

On Tuesday, in response to White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly's comments regarding the DACA program, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell called Kelly "the worst White House chief of staff in history" and "full of hatred."

Kelly told the press Tuesday that a likely cause of the difference between those registered with DACA and those eligible was fear of signing up for the program, or possibly just laziness.

The Last Word's Lawrence took those as fighting words, seething:

“John Kelly works for the laziest President in history who might very well be the laziest federal worker in history.”

Portraying Kelly as an evil Trump minion and referencing the General's previous criticism of Obama as well as congressional Democrat Fredericka Wilson, O'Donnell raved:

“No other White House chief of staff in history has ever told such a poisonous lie about a member of Congress or about a former President. We can no longer be surprised when John Kelly opens his mouth and ugly prejudice and poison comes out as it did again today.”

O'Donnell went on to lob the typical, irrational leftist claims of hate regarding the President and the Right, continuing his ever-diminishing stature as a credible journalist:

“There is not a shred of evidence now that John Kelly has even the slightest bit more sympathy or understanding of the Dreamers than Donald Trump has. There is not the slightest hint now that John Kelly’s heart is not as full of hatred as Donald Trump’s is for all of the people that Donald Trump rages against, from Mexicans to Muslims to undocumented immigrants, including children."

There is also, it seems, not a shred of evidence that Lawrence O'Donnell has the slightest ability to be an objective reporter of fact. You fail once again, MSNBC.