MSNBC's Jennifer Rubin Calls Pro-Border Enforcement Guest 'Inhumane Beast'

"Are you raised by wolves?"

As reported by Newsbusters, on MSNBC's AM Joy Sunday, political analyst Jennifer Rubin had some scathing words for conservative Stephanie Hamill.

During a discussion about immigration -- sparked by President Trump's reported "sh*thole" comment and covering the Temporary Protected Status program -- the National Diversity Coalition for Trump's Hamill dared to endorse the law. Subsequently, she incurred Rubin's wrath, being labeled an "inhumane beast."

Amid an incredible 3-1 pile-on enacted by Rubin, host Joy Reid, and another pro-illegal immigration guest, Hamill bravely stuck to her guns:

"I'm the daughter of an mother's from Mexico...I appreciate our country, I respect our laws, and I understand that we can't just allow everyone to come in...We give out one million green cards a year. We are the most generous country in the world when it comes to visas."

Rubin wasn't impressed with Rubin's support of borders and enforcement of the law, asking:

"What kind of person would send back people who have been working here, who have contributed to this country, who have children here, who will be separated from their children from their communities? What kind of inhumane beast? Are you raised by wolves?"


Newly-ordained as an MSNBC analyst, Rubin may be seen as a replacement of sorts for recently-let-go left-wing contributor Joan Walsh. This would make for a smooth transition, since Walsh last year called Paul Ryan a "monster."

Furthermore, Rubin is on record espousing gun control, DACA, and Planned Parenthood, and she has made comments supporting the dying out of an older generation of social conservatives. Far be it from MSNBC to add anyone who might tilt the leaning of the network back from its sharp slant to the Left.