MSNBC Welcomes Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff to Demand ‘Basic Ethical Behavior’ in White House

"Sexual harassment -- Hallie, these are just red lines.”

Incredibly, the mainstream media continues to bring out former staffers of Bill Clinton's White House in order to lecture Donald Trump's camp over standards of decency. On Wednesday, MSNBC welcomed guest Mack McLarty, who served as Clinton's Chief of Staff. Despite that obviously shaky ground from which to chastise anyone regarding propriety, McLarty rebuked the present administration for a failure to maintain -- get this -- "basic ethical behavior in a White House."

Wow. Has McLarty forgotten that he was part of Bill Clinton's Executive team?

Anchor Hallie Jackson seemed clueless to the hypocrisy as well, introducing McLarty with a touting of his Clinton credentials, only to then ask his opinion of the ethical implications of allegations against former Trump White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter. As if McLarty's history related to a gold standard for decency, Jackson queried:

“In your view, Mack, these allegations against him, this physical, verbal abuse of his ex-wives, the allegations that have come up, would that have been disqualifying on day one in any other administration?”

McLarty, who served a Commander-in-Chief accused by multiple women of sexual harassment -- and by at least one woman of rape -- preposterously claimed:

“It certainly would have immediately raised red flags, serious issues. When you get into spousal abuse, any inappropriate behavior with children, sexual harassment – Hallie, these are just red lines.”

McLarty literally mentioned sexual harassment specifically. Yet somehow, he kept from laughing. Similarly, Jackson never mentioned Bill Clinton's many clashes with decency.

There is little chance that, during America's next president's term, any mainstream news network will have former Trump officials on as authorities on ethics, or if any network does allow such a guest, there will no doubt be a panel waiting to eviscerate them. But this is MSNBC, a left-wing organization more interested in promoting Democratic politics than providing a balanced perspective.

Jackson continued:

“Mack, I want to get to one final point here, because you’re right that this is a human story....When do you think, Mack, we will see a stronger message from President Trump?”

When, as if we need to? McLarty answered:

“I think the basic point is one that your story there suggested, it’s a moral issue, it’s a red line, as I noted earlier. It goes also, you just have to have basic ethical behavior in a White House.”

Right -- just basic ethical behavior. Maybe McLarty should refresh his memory on who the Clintons are, with this Washington Examiner article explaining eighteen Clinton scandals. Perhaps the powers that be at MSNBC should take a look as well, and stop insulting its viewership with reprimands over ethics by people who were part of the most embarrassing American presidency of the 20th century.