MSNBC: Trump 'Doesn't Give a Damn' About Poor People

"He really doesn't care at all."

MSNBC never fails to dish up insanity regarding Donald J. Trump. Competing for the network's greatest absurdity of the day: the assertion during Live with Stephanie Ruhle that the President "doesn't give a damn" about poor people.

During a discussion about Trump's new budget proposal for the SNAP food assistance program -- in which those benefiting would receive packs of selected nutritious foods at a 30% reduction in the program's cost -- a Princeton professor claimed that Trump's suggested changes had sinister motivations. According to left-wing Eddie Glaude, Trump's proposal is "an all-out war on the poor."

Joining in on the madness, New York Times columnist Bret Stephens demanded, "It's patronizing...You already have a president who is suspected of hating poor people."

Huh? He is suspected of hating the poor? By whom? Democratic mouthpieces in the media?

Ruhle was quick to immediately belt out an "amen":

John Kelly says, "Immigrants are lazy, don't want to get off the couch."

Worst and most arrogant of all was Glaude, who said:

"The candidate that claimed that he was going to be representing working people...(he) left behind working...white working class folks..."

Ohhh, white working class folks...okay...

Then Glaude changed his voice to a whisper, as if he was divulging a secret that he knew was a fact:

"(Trump) really doesn't give a damn about them."

Unbelievable. He repeated, with emphasis:

"He really doesn't care at all."

It's nothing short of incredible that MSNBC calls itself a news organization. It's nothing more than a peddler of the ridiculous, by those hoping to convince America to support the Democratic Party. Thankfully, they're terrible at it.